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hey you guys guess what

2010-02-10 01:38:48 by terricsson

i like dudes

hey you guys guess what


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2010-02-10 02:07:19

Good. Don't lie to yourself or anyone.

terricsson responds:

You know, it's kind of surprising to see people like you (and some others) on Newgrounds. I was kind of expecting a bunch of twelve year olds to act all "OMG FAGGG U SUK LOLOL."

Keep on being awesome. :|b


2010-02-10 03:19:07

As long as you're absolutely fabulous.

terricsson responds:

Not entirely fabulous, but just enough.


2010-02-10 04:34:23

You have an abusive review.

terricsson responds:

What, why.


2010-02-16 15:17:48

WTF! dont post pics of yourself! rule 3-7

http://images.encyclopediadramatica.c om/images/3/30/1194679739296.jpg

terricsson responds:

You're forgetting that nobody is, or ever will be, part of your personal army.


2010-02-20 23:20:38

Hunter goodness :3. I love you now :D.

terricsson responds:

I have even mooooore photos. PM me if you want, idk.